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one person's opinion

just some personal thoughts about things

I see myself as something more than just another guy who would go out in the world and hustle (Jackson Brown, I want to be a crazy idiot and struggle for the legal tender) anyone and anything with the winner being the richest guy. No I learned that WE ARE ALL THE SAME BEING IN DIFFERENT BODIES. If you consider the life within people as energy, energy is energy. Is someone elses energy differnt than the others.   I have found the words of Christ most profound as he was saying the same thing, "that where I am you may be also" and "Its not I who doeth the works but the father that dwells within" (the father is God who is energy). Its that simple and the words of Jesus are as alive now as they ever were. The I am within each one of us is that of our Creator (in his image). This is not to say that we are God, but it is saying that God is within us.

We all have our own separate identity based on our environment and genes and by our names. But look around at anyone else, is he not just like you. Do they feel pain and hurt like you or enjoy laughter like you. So that is God's little trick on us whom he loves and nurtures, we are all the same within and if we treat each other like we expect to be treated, then we can live in complete HARMONY. One thing to remember is that God controls your destiny and you really have no control over what is coming to you so why not take a chance and share? Maybe he's watching and will give you more if you share (just like we teach our kids, and it is not bad advice).

The trouble within any society at any time has been EXPLOITATION. Somebody is always taking advantage of someone else and some- one is always being used. With the advent of Walmart, the future looks precarious because their low prices are appealing to everyone but they are driving small business out. Who will profit when everyone goes to Walmart? The stockholders will profit as all the money leaves the community. Its a one shot deal opposed to a system like free enterprise whereby joe buys from bill who did business with sam and so on with each one making his living from his friends and neighbors. The way it is headed is sam gets paid, goes to Walmart and presto the money leaves the community and some body far away gets his share of the profits. You can't blame anyone for going to Walmart, you save money! You can't blame any corporation for going overseas for cheap labor and no environmental regulations. If you owned stock in a corporation, you expect it to make money not be a bleeding heart! Everything is going along the best it can and that is quite expected but there is a SOLUTION and here it is:

Establish ccoperatives in every part of each community whereby each member owns one share (that's it) of stock from that corporation. The coop will furnish all of its members all goods and services including banking, insurance, medical,etc at competitive prices with Walmart so you won't be disadvantaged to do business with your own coop. The end result is this: at the end of the year when all the profits are calculated, EACH MEMBER GETS HIS SHARE OF THE PROFITS in the form of a credit to be used anytime at the coop. Here's the kicker, the coop can issue the credits and KEEP THE CASH and can use it for the benefit of the local community members and not be used to buy any B2 bombers!!! Speaking of 2 billion dollar bombers that crash all the time, wouldn't it be nice to see our US government pay people to stay home and raise their kids to be good people, instead of abandoning them for the rat race of chasing the buck?  WE ARE ALL THE SAME!!!!

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