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My adventures with Transcendendental Daphne

here's Daf posing ....

I really had a pretty good job and I was having so much fun living in the city, but it just wasn't enough !!! The weekend after I quit, while away on a ski trip to Vermont, I was driving my VW bus and saw a sign saying P U P P I E S and next thing you knew I had this adorable old english sheepdog that was like a big fluffball and so cute.....and I named her Transcendental Daphne, and we became good buds.

When I had my store, we were able to hang out together all day and we became literally inseparable. Being raised in a kennel, she was traumatized by gunshot sounds and whenever she heard a similar noise, she would immediately get the shakes and loose control of her bowels..... When she pooped, she always did it while she was walking also, and this is where the plot thickens...LOL...My friend John, who was a CPA in New York city, came out to visit me once and he was staying at a real fancy hotel with uppity carpeting and the whole nine yards ! So John calls and says come on over so as we are walking down this uppity hallway with everyone really uptight because I have this "unleashed" dog. You could cut the vibes with a knife as my friend Linda and I are approaching the elevators at this dead end of the hallway, I smelled something foul, and I turned around where Daf was walking behind us.....

That hallway must have been atleast one-third of a football field, and as far as you could see, there was wet, sloppy, you guessed it ! poop, stinkin and in little plops all the way from the entrance !!!...and to make things worse, we had to exit the same way we entered so we had to pass all that stuff in addition to the doorman who just couldn't believe it and had an expression of disbelief.....we were laughing so hard we were nearly crying it was such a site, and for once, I didn't have to clean it up, just get the FLOCK outta there. It was the Beverly Wilshire hotel, and I didn't make it back there too many times afterwards.

Another momentous occassion was when we got our new Mazda stationwagon with the new revolutionary rotary engine that had one drawback...just one, can you guess ( I found out later) give up ?, it backfired...LOUD... Daphne's dilemma !!! And it wasn't long before Daf initiated the car in her own way. We were out riding in our new car with white colored interior and the car started backfiring and eventually quit running. I called the dealer and they came with a tow truck and the driver said to leave the dog in the car. During the ride to the garage, I kept looking back at Daf and she appeared to be having a good time, jogging from front to we pull up in front of the place and all these people have to move out of the way for him to drop off the car and they were looking at Daf. I open the door to let her out and ewwww, need I say more ?? and all these folks are looking at this new car covered with the wet sloppy stuff -ugh, and guess who had to clean it up ? MOI.

Daf liked trucks and motorcycles, and she made a point of barking at both whenever she saw one. She would stand there on the front seat and look for both. When I would see one, I would yell truck and she would slobber all over the windshild as she barked at it and then she would run to the back of the van, hit the back seat and shoot her head out of the rear wing window and bark again as the truck or bike would pass, and then repeat the barks.... You have to imagine going cross country many times seeing her do this repeatedly, and I could see her head popping out looking in the rear view mirror with the window curtain around her head like a bonnet as this head instantly shoots out and offers a bark !!

Daf was into dancing in her own way also. I would take a pack of matches and go ready... and she would jog in place in a frenzy as I kept saying ready and then I would throw the matches and she would lurch for them. While waiting around airports and trainstations for people, we were quite a hit cause Daf could never sit still (just like me). Daf was also into shadows and she was captivated by them, always looking around at them and barking. In my store I had one of those glass balls that goes in circles and with a spot light on it, sends images all aroud the room in circles and Daf was really into them.

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