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WOOF    WOOF    WOOF...the    puppies    speak   

Here we are in central Oregon with a BIG backyard

hey this is our page and we're into ya know what ??? you're gonna see cats............. and dogs............

until it drives you goofy

or maybe even daffy

oh here's a babe for all the guys watching all this action

Woof Woof (Hi), we are the puppies and we LOVE TO CHASE CATS. It is so cool to watch them critters run, almost as cool as chasing red tailed hawks or any other big bird that makes noises. Our mom is Heidi, she is the purebred Old English Sheepdog that Ray never takes care of, atleast when it comes to brushing. The other two of us are Sampson (Sam) and Dazey, and we are maternal twins, in other words, Heidi's kids. Our dad was some shepherd type that happened to be passing thru the yard one day, but we like to think it's Ray.

Besides chasing things, we like to eat.....a lot. Ray found out a cheaper place to buy large cans of dog food so we get more food for our dog food purchasing dollars. If we find something out in the woods that really stinks, we love to roll in it so we stink too, and if it's possible to eat it, we will. But when Ray gives us some of his choclate stuff, yuck ! we wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole. Then we go outside and howl all night at the coyotes. Ray tells us to be cool because we get fed every night and those coyotes don't, they just want to eat us.

Those coyotes are so smart and persistent. They will wait around forever, until that one opportunity comes along. What they do is try to draw us away from our house by pretending to run from us. That way we chase them away from our house and out towards their pack where they will gang up and attack our butts.

Our mom Heidi is very cool all the time until she gets a dog bone she doesn't want to eat...Being gifted with a high sense of intelligence, HEIDI will bury that bone with her nose right in front of the front door, and leave a pyramid of dirt over it. I mean you practically have to trip over it going in the front door it's so obvious. Then she has a job, she has to sit around and guard that bone all day instead of playing with us chasing birds and things. But we're hip to that, so when we start barking in the backyard, Heidi goes around to hear what all the commotion is about in the back of the house, one of us sneaks around to the front and rips - off her bone she was guarding all happens all the time

We are very happy together, and although two of us are bitches, we try not to bitch at Ray......just bark !!!

When we hear a police or fire engine siren, we actually start to sing and you can hear us if you touch the lights ond once you hear us, hit it about 5 times.....

for more information on Old English Sheepdogs, check out this site WOOF WOOF

and if you want to see what a cool dog site should look like, pet the puppy