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upon our arrival, we hear that bubba is here

try using your "options" key after a soundbite (hit it twice)

and then I felt my heart begin to pound really hard as these gorgeous pair of lips appears again

I felt a fire burning all around me

it was getting so hot that a chicken blew up

and then she spoke to us about the U.S. President back on planet Earth who is causing big trouble. We told her an asteroid hit the planet but she said it was all a dream.

We were considering touring the planet and we asked her if she could help us find someone who we could hire to inflate our blimp and she said to touch her heart and she would be glad to whisper in your ear

then she asked if we had anything with us that could make her sing her favorite song, which made us want you to touch our smile

and I looked at another chicken and it got so hot it blew up too

and everybody looked at us now

His name is bubba she said, and he's a very bad boy. He's selling your country back to you, there he is now, and he thinks with the WRONG HEAD, and you can just imagine why he's smiling all the time, but confronted with this foxy babe, he speaks out, just touch him

We follow bubba to see what he's up to as he enters a room where it is said he gets all his ideas, and as you touch the jar it speaks to bubba about his bad habits

and if you touch bubba, you will know how he leaves his women, but you might have to wait a little bit like bubba keeps his women

we hear bubba trying to convince everyone he is such a cool dude but his inner voice gives him a dose of reality as you touch him <