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Hi there friend, welcome to my homepage where I will try and tell you a little about myself and this area where I have resided for 22 years, and give you lots of stuff to do

I live in central Oregon near a destination resort called Sunriver. It is really beautiful here and I live in a log framed house with my three loving and creative dogs, who I call the puppies. As I am writing this, there are 8 elk grazing out back about 100 yards from the house. We have panoramic views of the Cascade Mountains and there is Newberry Volcanic National Park directly to the east. We have our own ski resort called Mt. Bachelor. This area has certainly seen its share of volcanic activity as there is four feet of pumice on the ground that once resulted from Mt. Mazama (Crater Lake) erupting, which was similar to Mt. St. Helens You can view more volcanoes within the state and view these photos of other volcanoes.

I am originally from New York and worked in the city on Madison Avenue as a budget analyst and administrator for S & H Green Stamps, but I gave it up to live in the country.......and I'm glad I did. I have been able to be present for my daughter, Jaime's activities, and it has been quite a thrill watching her grow up and participate in Little League and all of her high school sports.

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My life has been like a voyage, choppy waters ahead...my book will follow soon, check back...

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it's been a long journey and I have acquired many interests which I will elaborate on.....more to come

Please visit my friend's LINKS, they worked real hard to share with you

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