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This is a true account of corruption by the US Government's Bureau of Land Management which I have entitled ARROGANCE OF POWER

This website deals with the government corruption I have encountered in "trying" to exercise my right to surface mine under the authority of the 1872 mining laws. It is the public's right to know how their Constitutional rights are usurped by the government in an attempt to take personal property without compensation.

My problems are with the Bureau of Land Management, Oregon state office, and the state of Oregon Mining Division known as DOGAMI. In trying to abide legally by the 1872 mining laws, I have observed their perjury and seen them obstruct justice by knowingly introducing fabricated (false) testimony under oath, using bully threatening tactics to intimidate both myself and my clients, all in an effort to stop me from mining a unique sand and gravel deposit in central Oregon.

I am not merely making accusations but I am posting proof of these violations click here - actual documents in hopes that this fraud and deceit will be exposed and that our government employess can understand they are not above the law and that the laws were designed for a purpose, to promote discovery of these minerals for the benefit of the local economy.

For the story of the actions of the Bureau of Land Management, click here

For a listing of the crimes committed against me by these gov't bureaucrats and my search for a competent attorney cllck here .

In their total disregard for the law, I have made numerous complaints to the Attorney General who has refused to intervene, but has shuffled the case to the FBI who managed to lose the file twice and never did respond to my complaints to prosecute this fraud, waste, and abuse.

In essence, they are above the law, AND THEY KNOW IT !!!.

Not only have I suffered as a result of this fraud and deception, but many of the roads in Bend, Oregon have been paved with inferior aggregate which has broken down and as a result all taxpayers must suffer.... click here

In seeking a settlement for the violations of law that I have encountered, I have filed damage claims with the IBLA that ruled I was illegally shutdown but after 3 expedited requests, they are now making me drag them into Federal District court, continuing the legislative nightmare that i have encountered. This seems to be the way of the government, to complicate and obfuscate issues to the point where you either die or just give up out of frustration.

Please contact me for further details and I feel it is very important to inform the public of the conduct of the government in this instance, since the only thing they fear is bad publicity.

Ray Rothbard 54411 Huntington Rd. Bend, Oregon 97707

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In 1980, there was a volcanic eruption at Mt. St. Helens which was well documented. You can see more volcanoes within the state as well as a geologic survey of Oregon. There is also the Oregon state archives for a complete history of the state, as well as the PBS site covering the Oregon trail. For more sites about Oregon, see the Oregon home page and Oregon on line pages. There is even more additional information on Oregon here.

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