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Join our exclusive club which is your opportunity to vacation at some of America's finest resorts and meet your on-line friends, or bring your own ...

We will be planning dates for gatherings or you can send us your request for the dates that you want...

By joining our club (membership is free), you will be able to participate in our vacation resort program.

This program allows you to arrange your own vacation with your friends or you can have your whole chat room reserve your vacation for a deposit from all those participating.

Ray Rothbard
54411 Huntington rd
Bend, OR 97707
United States

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Current vacation sites available in Oregon, year-round fun and activities

Sunriver Resort: rent your own private house

Mt. Bachelor Resort: one of the northwest's top ski resorts

Newberry Volcano Volcanic Park: Majestic views, lakes and trails

Mt. St. Helens: see the most recent effects of the erruption

Cascade Range Volcanoes: take a drive thru the mountains

Send an email for prices and accomodation reservations